A raft of sustainable initiatives at Xiamen Airlines

Xiamen Airlines is reducing plastic, promoting recycling and developing sustainable meals.
Date 11 May 2023

Xiamen Airlines celebrates a raft of green initiatives, from recycling and plastic reduction, to sustainable gastronomy

In-flight slippers, handbags and shoe bags made from recycled seat covers and blankets are just one of many green initiatives that have been introduced by Xiamen Airlines.

The products are available as part of the airline’s commitment to promote recycling by ‘turning waste into treasure’.

Xiamen Airlines has also become the first airline in China to incentivize passengers to help reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by reducing the weight of their luggage. Participating passengers are rewarded with Egret Miles as part of the Travel Light initiative, which has so far led to a carbon reduction of about 204 tons.

In addition, passengers can take advantage of carbon neutral flights, with carbon being offset through Xiamen Airlines’ purchase of ocean carbon sinks.

Xiamen Airlines continues to promote the use of biodegradable and renewable materials, including the Egret Bamboo series of green products. Overall, the airline has successively replaced 84 items of plastic-related supplies, which can reduce plastic waste by nearly 500 tons per year.

The airline has also launched the ‘Chef XiamenAir’ brand, which develops sustainable meals based on the concept of ‘sustainable gastronomy’ and achieves source traceability from farm to table. Some ingredients come from farmer-support programs, and food waste is reduced by promoting advanced meal selection services.